Friday, 8 July 2016

Riding List - HELP NEEDED!

Back from my fishing trip, I am now counting down the last few days until my trip.

I have done a TON of research online for ideas of what to bring along for an eleven day trip that spans a few thousand kilometres. Other than the regular clothing, etc., here are the items that I think are important to bring. Please tell me if you can think of anymore!

MEC Packing bags

Little Bag to fit on top of top case - my GIVI top case is like a clam shell - so the stuff in the top half tends to fall out when I open the case - unless it is perfectly balanced. I found some good, cheap packing bags at Mountain Equipment Coop and the larger one should do the trick.

iPhone Tripod and remote looks something like this.

Little iPhone tripod - this is something my brother gave me last year for my birthday. The tripod easily holds the phone. There is also a remote and dongle so you can take photos remotely but I think I'll just take the tripod and use the timer.

Sunscreen - Can't burn my face....

Toilet paper - You never know...

Foam earplugs - for both riding (so I don't go deaf and so the tunes in my helmet aren[t too tinny) and for at night if it a motel room a really loud

Handy wipes - For my hands - could be used to clean windscreen or lights, in a pinch.

1.5 litre Camelback bladder

Hydration (Camelback) bladder - I'll put this in a small backpack and sip on it on really hot days. It holds 1.5L which might be a bit small - we'll see.

Chargers (iPhone, iPad, SRC, GoPro) - Ah, electronics! So many things to charge and keep track of! I'm also able to charge either the SRC (for the helmet) or the phone with the charger port om my BMW.

Rain jacket - I already have a waterproof lining for my jacket but I want to have an extra layer just in case.

Windex in a little spray bottle - For cleaning the windscreen - and lights.

Spare tire repair kit - Just purchased!

I might bring my watercolour travel set but I'm thinking that I probably won't because of the lack of room.

There's also obvious things like polar fleece, flip flops, spare gloves, swim suit, GoPro camera, iPhone, iPad, etc Anything else? Anything I should leave behind?

Leaving Tuesday - can't wait!


David Masse said...

That a great collection of touring gear.

I'm looking forward to reading all about it!

Safe travels Dave!

Dave Dixon said...

Thanks, David! It's more of a conglomeration of a bunch of different things I have read but I hope I am well enough equipped!