Monday, 11 July 2016

One more day.....!

There she waits, my BMW, for me to take her on an epic adventure.

At least, that's how I feel!

With one day left until I leave for my trip to California, I am very excited! Of course, there are a couple of things to attend to....

First, on Saturday, I decided to relax with a bowl of popcorn while I watched Netflix. When I reached for the very last handful, and put it in my mouth, an unsatisfying 'crunch' sounded in my mouth - and a part of a tooth cracked off of my molar.

You would think that I know better as I have cracked teeth a number of times thanks to popcorn. My popcorn consumption has definitely reduced over time ( I first cracked a tooth on popcorn at age 24 when I was in a youth hostel in Stockholm)  but I still take a risk every now and then.

As a result, one of my jobs today is to wait for the dentist to call so I can get an emergency filling this evening before I leave for my trip.

Second, I am still working on breaking in my fancy motorcycle shoes. About a month ago, I ordered these shoes from Revzilla - TCX - X Street Waterproof Shoes - that are waterproof and have some of the safety features that you would want in a motorcycle shoe - certainly more than my running shoes. There is reinforcement for the ankle, heel and toes so that's a good thing.

The problem is - well, it's my problem. I have bunions (I think it's familial - thanks, Dad) and have to be really careful about shoes rubbing them because it irritates my foot. When I first picked them up in Blaine (saved myself $50 by having them delivered to the US), I put them on and rode home. They were a bit tight around my bunion, so I took them to my local shoe store and they stretched them. Then they stretched them again. (Girl at counter: "I stretched the crap out of them this time.")

Then I realized that, although there was room in the shoe, the hard leather of the shoe still irritated my foot. So I bought these bunion protectors - silicon pads that you stick over you big toe and line up on your bunion. It is supposed to protect your bunion from rubbing,

Still with me? Really? I'm impressed!

This morning, I went to go for a nice long walk with my boots and it went pretty well - I think they are almost broken in. I do have a pair of running shoes that I am taking with me so I will have an alternative. Still need a shoehorn, though....

Finally, I need to do that last minute packing check - including my gadgets, rudimentary tools, safety stuff, passport, medicine, reservations, and clothes. Surprisingly, it looks like everything will fit in my top case or under my seat with room to spare so I will be bringing along my watercolour set.

About the only thing I didn't do was silkscreen a T-Shirt with "West Coast Scooter Tour 2016" or something like that. Didn't think it was a great idea for just one person!

Everything else ready - electronics are charged up (iPad, iPhone, GoPro, SRC), my trail mix for the road is ready, and I will just have to pack one or two things before I leave in the morning tomorrow.

Happy trails!


Dave Barrett said...

Ride safe and good luck.....sounds like a fun trip ! Be sure to keep the chrome side up ;-)

Dave Dixon said...

Thanks Dave (gotta love that name) I will definitely have fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy travels Dave. You are doing something I've been wanting to do :)

MacLobster said...

To Lobster Dave - You have a great time!

SonjaM said...

Have a wonderful time, Dave.

David Masse said...

I guess by now you're on the road.

Safe travels Dave and keep an eye out for the scooter Cannonballers, they should be arriving in Seattle right about now, after 11 days on the road running like maniacs from the east coast in Georgia.

Dave Dixon said...

Thanks for all of the comments! Currently in the road but promise to blog on my return!