Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Another item - emergency tire repair kit

In anticipation of my impending trip down to California, I have been going over some of my supplies that I will be taking along. Some are fine (cell phone charger), some are not needed (three bungee cords) and some have to be replaced. One such item was my emergency tire repair.

Wayyyy back, when I had my Vespa LX50, I bought a spray can that supposedly will both fill your tire with goo and inflate it all at the same time. I recall that I couldn't find one for a motorcycle so I just bought one for a car. Luckily, I never had the chance to try it out.

On my upcoming trip, I may be in some pretty isolated places so I thought, even though I am not that mechanically minded, I could always figure out how to repair and re-inflate my tire. And I didn't think the 'spare-in-a-can' idea was a very good one - so I put that item in the trunk of the family car!

After much research, I found a kit where you basically plug of the hole after reaming it out and then inflate the tire using compressed gas (I have one of the compressed gas things for my bicycle0.  I found some in Canada (way too expensive) and looked at different ones in the US until I found one from J and P motorcycles for a mere $17.99 plus shipping!

If you are interested in how they work, check this video.

Today I went down to my package store in Blaine and picked up the item.

I have often commented on the differences between Americans and Canadians on my blog, especially, like most Canadians, I live fairly close to the border. Today is no exception.

I found the woman at the package place to be quite friendly - about what I'd expect in Canada. But then I went to the Subway and the girl there was REALLY friendly! She engaged me in a conversation about weather and summer - not too personal but quite intelligent. The Subway servers in Canada often seem on their way to becoming zombies....  Maybe Canadians are more polite but Americans are friendlier?

Another difference is, when we were talking about the weather, she referred to the area as the Pacific Northwest. We tend to call it the West Coast so I found this an interesting difference, especially as I was less than an hour north of Blaine (well, maybe longer, as there was a big lineup!).

Any way, that's another tick off of my 'to get' list - and I am closer - in fact a week way - to going on a fantastic road trip!


David Masse said...

Great post!

Here are a few suggestions:

ROK straps if you're planning to carry stuff on the passenger saddle;
MotoPump tire inflator (fast, accurate, and quite quiet) essential for keeping correct inflation, not just repairs;
A good tool roll;
First aid kit;
Water bottle for proper hydration;
High power AA flashlight.

Sounds like a great adventure, have fun Dave and dish details on the blog.

Dave Dixon said...

Hi David!

I think I will stick with the bungies - the only thing I might carry on the passenger saddle is my jacket if it becomes too hot.
- sticking with the cylinders - pump looks like it will take up too much room
- tool roll that came with bike is pretty good - I can't fix most complicated things, anyways
- got a first aid kit
- got a Camelbak hydration bladder
- got the fancy little LED light that you gave me way back when we did our ride together - thanks again! I'll be thinking of you if I break down and have to walk for miles in the dark as I use your flashlight to light up the way!!!