Saturday, 24 September 2011

Nailed it!

Yesterday afternoon, I crept away from school as early as possible (it was a professional day so that was OK) and went on a later afternoon ride. Along with Dave and me, there was a young guy who is heading up to the Yukon in a few days where he works in a camp. On his visits down here, he keeps his hand in, so to speak, and is waiting to book a time for a test when he is here.

I took the 600 again, the other guy took and 1100 - whoa! We headed out to Poco and basically rode the testing route. This time, no speeding, no missing zone changes, and I got all of my shoulder checks and intersection scans. The only error that we both made was slowing down in a school zone that didn't have the hours posted - in that case, you are only supposed to slow down if there are children on the road.

After doing the route for a while, Dave said we were both fine so we went back to Maple Ridge and on to Ruskin for a ride.  It was basically uneventful but exhilarating. Got some speed up, some nice curves and I was feeling relaxed.

Upon returning to Dave's place, his words were, "You both nailed it today!"



David Masse said...

Part of the pleasure I get from riiding is learning new skills and, as you pointed out, "nailing it".

Once you pass the test, what will it be? Scooter or motorcycle?

Dave Dixon said...

Yeah, it's a great feeling. A lot better than when Dave is nagging on the radio "Shoulder check!"

I'm still thinking scooter - the motorcycle is a lot of fun and it will be nice to drive one on occasion but I really do like the look of a scooter - and I'm still considering the Stella...