Tuesday, 6 September 2011

First Training RIde

After I finished my skills session on Sunday, my knee really hurt from when I dropped the bike doing the U-turn. I didn't sleep very well Sunday night because it ached so badly, even after some pain medicine and a rum and coke. Monday, luckily, was a holiday, and I nursed the knee, icing it and stretching it all day.

This morning, first day of school, it was much better - thank goodness because I had a training ride tonight!

First I went the the DMV to exchange my basic Learner's for a less restrictive Learner's (no supervisor needed). I felt like a somebody!

I showed up for the ride at 6 tonight, expecting to put the 250 through its paces. Dave, the instructor, has a bunch of bikes and he decided that the 250 was too small for me! He rolled out a 600 and said, "Try that on for size."

I was not expecting to ride such a big bike (for me, at least) but after a few stalls, I got the hang of it. There were two instructors and 3 students and we rode up and down hills, through lights, stopping a starting at intersections, on hills, and then cruised along a windy road up to Golden Ears Park where we went to Alouette Lake. 

We had a break (both instructor chain smoked a couple cigarettes - do I have to learn to smoke and ride?) and then we went back down into town, practicing more intersections and lights. 

It was a great training ride for me - I'm getting to use the clutch and gears more efficiently and am improving my starts from standing. I also am doing pretty well with my lane placement. I still have some work to do for proper down shift and for starting uphill but it is coming. Eventually I'll remember to shoulder check more often!

I will try to practice the lane positioning and shoulder checks with my Vespa this week. Next lesson is Sunday morning. Can't wait. Maybe I need to re-assess the kind of bike or scoot I'm going to get - - "Big Guy, Humongous Motorcycle"? 



DOXMOM said...

Hi Dave,
Hope all is going well with your rider training program. Ran across your Blog and as you’re “researching” 2 wheel models with bigger cc’s, I invite you to drop in to forums below and learn about the Suzuki Burgman 400and 650. Both forums have loads of information and are friendly and helpful folks very passionate about our particular "flavor" of Scoot.
I'm very new to Blogger and just put a Page up as a placeholder quite awhile back. Perhaps I'll be motivated to write about my 2 wheel experiences with the new to me 2007 Suzuki Burgman 400 I picked up this summer. I've been riding 6 yrs and have about 3,000 miles of seat time on several motorcycles and a Burgman 650 (back in 2006).
Ride Safe, Karen - Boopscoot


Steve Williams said...

Suddenly I see a new post and you are ready for a Goldwing. You never know what doors a Vespa will open.

Good luck with your motorcycle adventures. All sorts of fine machines out there.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks
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Dave Dixon said...

Sorry, but accidentally deleted this comment...

I can see many, many, more posts to come! I'm spoiled. In Quebec if you're a certain age, you have a license that allows you to ride any size bike you want. So I have a full class 6 permit. One day I'll want to take that course anyway, to improve my skills and to master the clutch and shifting. Keep it up!

David Masse http://www.blogger.com/profile/09346419242154545286

Dave Dixon said...

Hi Karen,

Looked at Burgmans online. Looks like a really nice scoot - not sure if I'm ready for that big or luxurious a bike but I'll have to mull it over...

It's interesting how life takes us on different twists and turns. I still like the LX150 like you used to have but I'm trying not to be a Vespa-snob and consider other options. I'm a little worried that the Stella won't be very good quality!

Sorry I deleted your comment. I would highly suggest a motorcycle course as I am learning tons in the short amount of time I've been training.