Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Double Trouble!

This week has started with back-to-back lessons last night and today. I think I'm improving but the two rides had definitely different feels.

Last night, I rode with two women and Dave and we headed out to Port Coquitlam to ride the testing route that we will have to take when we attempt to get our license. The route will, of course, vary but it gives and idea of what to expect.

I was in the lead to start which I liked because it really tests my skill (or lack thereof). Problem was, we were on the highway and I couldn't hear Dave over the radio half the time. As a result, I missed a few turns which was frustrating. I thought I was doing OK for the first 20 minutes or so and then noticed that we were zooming by a playground at 55 kmh when the posted speed was 30 kmh. Fail!

I think I was nervous because of the testing conditions and I missed a few scans and most of my left shoulder checks. None of use had a great ride and I was feeling a bit frustrated that I kept forgetting things. I was in the second position for the latter half of the ride and still managed to miss a few checks and scans.

Today I was with a guy and a woman (neither who I had met before) and Dave. I had a better focus this time and nailed most of my scans and shoulder checks. This was a good thing as a cyclist caught up with me at and intersection and decided to turn with me, very close. Luckily I saw her because of my right shoulder check.

We did a fair bit of turns and driving on streets in the downtown core and I felt very confident tonight. Last night I stalled the bike a few times but tonight was much better. I really felt that I am in control even when going slowly.

We then hit some windy roads which was very enjoyable. The other guy and I ended up taking off on the rest a few times. We hit the highway and that was lots of fun as well.

After we arrived back at Dave's, he actually seemed pretty pleased with out riding. My only real flaw? Left the turn signal on (like an old person) too long once. Things are definitely looking up!

Next ride, Friday.....


bobskoot said...


recently, someone on our VancouverScootering.com group failed the road test due to signals being on for more 4 seconds. I have a habit of turning off my signals around half way through the turn

Riding the Wet Coast

Dave Dixon said...

I'm not doing bad in that department now - the motorcycles Dave has all have a loud beeping sound that helps a lot...