Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Vespa Comparison - LX50 and GTS 250

After I made the big purchase, I thought about transport - and quickly decided to do the sensible thing (for a change). I went to a web site called U-Ship where you input what you want to ship and where from and to. You can also state what you want to pay but I didn't have enough experience to figure out a fair price. I had a few bids around $500 and one at $800 but then had a bid for $250. I figured by the time I borrowed a friend's car ($75 for thank you scotch), gassed up ($100 round trip), and rented a trailer ($50) that it wasn't really worth my time to burn a weekend driving there and back. Also the weather has been brutal of late so I wasn't sure which weekend I would end up going. 

It arrived a week ago on Tuesday night. John, the delivery guy, had is safely secured and arrived in good time in one piece. I happily paid the man and rode off in the rain to fill it up at the gas station. 

I took it to school a couple of times last week and was a bit concerned that it had developed a bit of a wobble. I then checked the tires and realized they were both around 15 psi - no wonder there was a wobble! I also adjusted the shocks to the second setting.

The weather has been quite cold since then - hovering around 0 degrees - so I haven't taken it out much at all lately. Luckily, a warm front has finally come so, while it is rainy, it is also warm. I plan on some riding this weekend but, until then, I thought I'd look at the two Vespas, while I still own both...

On first look, the GTS is obviously longer and wider then the LX. It also feels less toy like and more like a motorcycle in how it handles. The faring is wider which gives more protection and the red colour is, frankly, gorgeous!

Looking at the headlight, I will miss my chrome head cover that I installed a few years ago but will not miss the goofy signal lights that stick out of the steering portion of the LX. I don't know if there is any difference in the brightness of the lights. 

The front of the scoot is WAY wider as you can see in the photo. The LX has a pretty cool horn cover, though. The GTS, however, looks adult sized and ready to go on the open road!

The front wheel and fender for the LX looks fine but the GTS  wheel looks super sharp with the whitewall. The fender on the GTS was replaced (that's why it isn't red) but I sorta like the look of it! 

The seats look quite different both both feel pretty good. I put some major kilometers on the LX seat and had no worries. I think the GTS seat will be good, too, but it's a bit worn looking which is a bit disappointing as the LX seat looks as nice as the day it was bought. I'm wondering if the GTS is a leather seat and if that will be more comfortable in the long run.

The look from the rear is nice with the LX, especially with the crash bars but the GTS looks a bit more aggressive and, I hope, more visible. I'm looking forward to the rear rack as well since my attempts to jury rig a solution have been OK but not spectacular. 

Finally, the speedo. The LX one looks kinda cool with the back lit look and the curvy shape inside the cluster. The dead clock, though, is not so hot. The GTS has more information in the digital section and the red does look pretty nice. Don't like the miles, though, as I am used to kilometers now. 

Overall, both scoots are nice machines but I really feel that the GTS is a substantial step in scooter evolution (hope that doesn't sound too pompous!). Next steps are to ride the GTS more and sell or take off the insurance on the LX. 

It's 9:30 at night and my wife needs me to pick up something at the store. Gotta scoot!


len said...

Hi, hope your getting on well with the gts.

I have never really looked at a lx and a gts side-by-side before.......with the lx i see cute little vespa ,The gts still say's cute....but more grown-up looking.

My last scooter was a vespa px125 (if you get the chance to look on my blog i will be posting a picture!) the obvious notices in transition for me was a lot more power.......this as helped me travel farther distances from home........and still get back in time for tea!
The other big difference is the stability on the road ....it just feels really solid and safe.............oh and she fly's up the hill's..


Steve Williams said...

Congratulations on making the GTS leap. I'm still happy with mine after 18,000 miles.

I think you'll find your riding territory will expand dramatically with the GTS.

Ride safe.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

David Masse said...

Thanks for the great comparison post, Dave. You've got me all drooling and jealous now.

Who knows, with a little luck, maybe I'll get to post an LX vs GTS story of my own some time next season.

SonjaM said...

Great comparison. The 50cc must seem like a toy (albeit nice toy) now. You will love the power of the GTS.

Dar said...

Your new scoot is gorgeous! I like the black fender it gives it a badass edge! You are going to love the extra cc's, it lets you go so many more places. I loved my little 50 cc vino, but after riding my 450 motorcycle for 3 months when I went back to the vino for a scooter rip, it felt unstable and wobbly and way too small. Great comparisons on the scoots. The GTS is definitely a more substantial scooter, which will be an asset in traffic, people will see you better. I agree though the chrome headlight band on the Lx is pretty swish, my vino has one as well. When I was looking at scoots I thought about a Honda Jazz/metro, but they looked cheesy to me because there was no chrome and the vino had a better finish. Come warmer weather you are going to be in scooter heaven! Enjoy your new scoot and ride safe!

Dave Dixon said...

Len - Ya, the LX50 is just cute compared to the GTS. Never really thought of it that way until I got the new scoot.

Steve - I hope my territory will expand - I really am looking forward to some new adventures.

David - I did a lot of drooling, thinking about owning a bigger scoot, especially while I was taking my motorcycle course!

Sonja - Yep, it does seem like a toy now. Don't even want to ride it now!

Dar - Thanks - I kinda like the black fender too! I hope people will see me better because I'm going a lot faster!

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