Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Searching for THE scooter...

Now that I've got my class 6, I'm in the enviable position of being able to look for a new scoot. I say enviable because I've always enjoyed searching for the right product, whether it's a TV, car, bicycle or scooter, and then trying to get a good price. Sometimes it's a matter of doing both at the same time.

What's especially gratifying right now is that I'm not in a hurry - at least I'm trying not to be in a hurry! I have my LX50 to get me around town and I'm thinking of waiting until spring to sell it as that would be a better time to sell. That gives me from now on to look as the real fair weather scootering weather is over and people selling now are probably more motivated (or desperate to sell!).

I've made the decision to go with a scooter. It was a blast learning on a motorcycle but it just isn't that practical, especially in crappy, rainy weather which is all too common in the lower mainland.

So what am I looking at?

First up is the Stella (new) which has a great retro feel and is a standard which appeals to me. I'd like to take it for a test drive (where I don't kill the battery and it can't start again like last time). At $4000 plus dealer charges, it's in my price range, especially if I get a decent price ($1500?) for my LX50. It could be service at the Stella dealer in Vancouver and I figure it would be easy to find parts. It's a 150 so it would be a lot faster than my LX50 but not quite fast enough for the freeway.

Second, a used Vespa. I've been looking at Craigslist - both here and in the states (Seattle, Portland). There are way more choices in Portland than here but I don't know if I want to deal with the hassles of getting it through the border. If I got something used, it would probably be either a 200 or 250 GTS. It might save me a little money as a 2005 GTS200 (pictured above) in Coquitlam at a dealer was $3500 and a guy in Kelowna (pictured below)  is selling a 2007 GTS 250 for a paltry $2800 - although I don't know how I'd ride it down the Coquihalla highway which is infamous for snow and ice this time of year.

Third, a new Vespa. It would probably have to be an LX150 which, like the Stella, has potential issues if I want to go on the freeway. I'd still have to get a demo or older stock as a new one, at $5000 plus dealer fees, is really stretching it. And I don't like the S150 because I think the rectangular like is ugly.

Can't believe I'm getting this picky! As to the LX150, yes, there is the warranty and no kms on the engine but that is a hefty price....

Finally, perhaps I'll stray right away from the Vespa/Stella look and get something like a Burgman. Mind you, they are pretty pricey too so I'd be looking for a used one.

Any suggestions from out there in the blogosphere? Feedback would be greatly appreciated....


bobskoot said...


I would get a highway capable machine, so that leaves you with the GTS250ie, or the Burgman. The size of the Vespa GTS is more in your comfort range due to lower weight but you can tour with the Burgman. Both of these options, I believe are fuel injected.

Riding the Wet Coast

Dave Dixon said...

There is the one in Kelowna - guy sent me pics - that seems to be a good deal... I've update the post as I just received photos - it's the one sitting on the porch....

SonjaM said...

Being a Vespa rider myself you won't hear anything else from me but: VESPA! My husband has a GTS 250 and I ride a GT200 and we are both completely satisfied with performance and versatility. The 07 GTS 250 sounds a little too good to be true though.
However, now is probably the best time to buy! Good hunting!

Robert Wilson said...

It really all depends on what you want to do with it at the end of the day. I own a Burgman 400 because I commute every day some 70 miles round trip. The Burgie is capable of those highway speeds and has enough storage for my pc, lunch and other things. If you looking at anything on the highway...I would not go below 250cc for any model.

DOXMOM said...

Dave, Happy Shopping. I went with a new to me Burgman 400 (2007) and it was a good choice for Atlanta metro area- which it wasn't so busy around here though. Mostly ride smaller back roads anyway. I've never taken a Vespa for a spin but they look like a lot of fun. Time is in your favor. Ride Safe, Karen

David Masse said...

Dave, you don't have to worry about the road conditions with the scooter at this time of year. Just rent an open U-Haul trailer, get a bar harness (such as a Canyon Dancer), borrow a vehicle with a trailer hitch, the haul that distant scooter home! That's how my brother in law and I got my scoot from Toronto to Montreal (via Ottawa). Easy peasy.

I'm looking forward to hear how you end up sorting this out.

I'm seriously thinking of upgrading from my LX150 to a GTS250 or 300 in the spring, maybe even an MP3.

I'll be in Vancouver sometime this spring and I'm planning to rent a scoot and go for a ride with Bobskoot. We could make it three, or four if Sonja was up for it too.

I'll be pondering that all winter.

Best of luck to you!

SonjaM said...

@David: We could even make it up to five if you let my hubby tag along. Bob's Wee could play mother goose, taking care for all the Vespa chicks.

David Masse said...

Dave, looks like Sonja and I are highjacking your blog to organize a mini bloggers' rally in Vancouver in the spring.

Maybe we could convince Dar and Motorcycle man to come over from Victoria and make it seven.

If we were 7, we might be able to get Orin O'Neill to ride up from Bellingham.

Then we could do a group post!

That would be really, really neat. Especially since your blog Dave, and Orin's, were among those that gave me the inspiration to get my Vespa, and to blog about it as a way to repay the contribution that you guys made to the quality of my life.

There's still plenty of time to figure this out.

Ride safely everyone!

Dar said...

Congrats on your class 6!!! It's an amazing feeling when you get thatpiece of paper in your hand. I did a little happy dance when I got the envelope in the mail & then I opened it, looked at it and thought "Hell I look like a felon with bad hair."

Have you thought about about a Yamaha Majesty? They are gorgeous looking scoots much like a Burghie.

Now about the mini rally I am definitely in, but it would have to be on a weekend and I would definitely have to ride Lucy and not my wee scoot. Let me know the date and I will be there.

David Masse said...

Dar, definitely on a weekend. I'm starting to feel bad about highjacking Dave's blog for this.

Having said that, Dave are you up for this get together?

I'm happy to set up a blog post for this ongoing exchange.

I'll see if I can get Orin's attention.

Dave Dixon said...

I think it's fantastic that you are all organizing a ride on my blog! Talk about social networking! And I'd be thrilled to come along. All I need is a damned scooter!

Has to be weekends for me as I teach during the week. But I would definitely love to go for a ride will all of you!

Thanks for all of your comments and advice.

Dar said...

Dave. Have you checked out any Majesty's? They are awesome scoots that you can comfortably cruise on the highway long distances. They have tons of storage. What about a larger Sym or kymco scoot. There are tons of types. Are you in love with vespas? If the vespa is your thing nothing else will do!

Re: ride get together I asked my hub who I affectionately refer to as Motorcycle Man if he was in & he said sure! It would be great for him to meet my cool scooter & motorcycle friends. When oh when is it going to be spring again!

Dave Dixon said...

Dar> The Majesty looks great but I am realizing that I am, in fact, in love with the Vespa (just don't tell my wife!).

And I would really enjoy a group ride - I didn't do much of that with my LX50 because I don't think it would have been too much fun trying to keep up on a 50.