Saturday, 8 March 2008

Report Cards - Done!


Report cards are done for another term.

As a teacher, there are many different parts to my job. There’s being a teacher, an advisor, a mentor, a coach, a cheerleader, a policeman, an IT guy, and a secretary. I love all those different roles. Marking, planning, meeting with cranky parents - those are necessary parts of the job that I don’t like quite as much. Then there’s report cards.

Nothing sucks the time away or makes me procrastinate more than report cards. They are an important part of the job but I still have a heckuva time motivation myself to do them.

And now they’re done!

At 30 a term, with three terms a year, I’ve only got about 930 to do before I retire! Yippee!


Conchscooter said...

Good job. Now drag the scooter and the camera out. Simultaneously.

Heinz & Frenchie said...

A view from the other side:
If we can remember that far back, report card day was filled with emotions; apprehension, anxiety, anticipation, and then some. Joyous when the grades were positive and disappointment when they were not.

Dave Dixon said...

I hope to go on a ride before I leave for Tokyo. Hope to post!

heinz and frenchie
I know that parents (and hopefully kids) put a lot of attention and emotion into the reports. It's just that they can be so onerous to do. And if they're poorly done, it reflects so badly on the teacher that there's that additional pressure to do an excellent job.
Thanks for your comments.

Michael said...


From one teacher to another: I hear ya brother! I'm counting the days until our first term holiday for this year (our school year is structured a little differently to yours, starting in January after our summer).

10 days to go before my holiday - but an absolute sh@#load of marking to do! It never ends does it? Oh well, there's always a weekend ride to clear the head, right? ;-)


Dave Dixon said...

Hey, good to hear you're alive and well - missed your blog but glad you're out there in the blogoshpere again.

After coming back from an 8 day trip to Japan, my mind is full of experiences but empty of school. It's a good feeling!

Lucky for me, the weather is starting to improve so I'm anticipating many more rides!