Thursday, 21 February 2008

Rolllin’ Along

It’s that busy time of year. The students at school are working pretty hard, report cards are looming ahead so there’s lots of assessment and projects to mark, and the home front is pretty busy as number one daughter readies herself for graduation from high school and university next year.

Another thing I’ve been involved with is called Humanoes for Hope. It’s a project that our school district is getting involved in which brings wells , food, schools etc. to Malawi. My part has been to make the video for the project. Every spare moment that the computer is free, I’m busy burning DVDs - I’ll need a couple hundred before next month.

Anyway, I’ve been busy doing all these school related things that I haven’t really had or made time for long scooter rides during the past month. The weather’s been variable - some snowy or icy days and other days where the sun actually makes an all-to-brief appearance.

But I have been riding a lot. Most days to school or to Vancouver or to New Westminster - just not anywhere particularly new and exciting.

I haven’t bothered to take a camera lately but I am still enjoying the ride. Sometimes I underestimate and get a bit chilled or overestimate and end up stuffing my pet carrier with sweaters. But I still get that fresh feeling of excitement every time I hop on the scooter, whether it’s the hour long trek in Vancouver or the ten minute ride to school. It’s all good.

As the weather continues to warm and the load from school continues to lessen, I look forward to spending a day here and there just cruising. Until then, though, I will rollin’ along, with a smile on my face.


Aislinn said...

Hi Dave

I really like your blog. I just got an awesome little scooter, the Honda jazz for my daily commute. Thing is, I live in Port Moody and all around are barriers to leaving! I work at SFU and I'm debating between inching up snake hill/north road or going around Barnett. I see you have ridden Barnett. In your opinion, is Barnett safe? I'd love your thoughts on this.



Dave Dixon said...

Hi Aislinn,

The Barnett is my preferred way into Vancouver from Maple Ridge. It's scenic, there's two lanes each way, there's a commuter lane and there aren't too many big hills. It's a lot safer than, say, the Mary Hill bypass. It might be a bit of a struggle going up the hill to SFU, though!