Saturday, 22 September 2007

Scootercast (SCTRCST) Interview

Just a quick post to say that last week I had the privilege of being interview by Dave Mangano of the SCTRCST podcast.

I was a bit nervous about the interview but once I connected over Skype with Dave, his calm manner relaxed me and I was pretty happy with the result. Dave did a great job of editing and asked questions that I enjoyed answering.

He asked me mostly about my experiences with scootering and blogging and we spent a bit of time exploring a couple of recent posts including my flat tire and my trip to Lynden in the US.

Unfortunately, when Dave asked me about the scooting situation, I had to tell him that I didn't really know. I guess I'm just not ready to get involved in big rides. Maybe next summer.

By the way, the photo montage was made by Dave. Not the best photo of me, in that tiny little helmet (I only borrowed it for a test drive)!

If you go to the SCTRCST web site, it's Episode 28. And if you haven't already subscribed to Dave's show, please do - it's a very enjoyable half hour.


Bruce Fawcett said...

Hi Dave,

I am a grade 3 teacher and have just started reading your blog. I'm interested in scooters and teaching and would love to ''discuss'' your blogging with your students. Can you we get in touch?


Dave Dixon said...


I've sent an email, Bruce - hope to keep in touch...

Scooter said...

How long per trip of your vacation?

I like your style, and I hope will do it same you.

Dave Dixon said...

I will leave on March 20th.

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