Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Flat Update

Just a quick post to say that, after $300 (new tire, labour and servicing) I once again have my Vespa.

The folks at Vespa Vancouver were great - it was actually ready yesterday but I needed a ride into the city to get it. There was no problem with any part of the repair (well, after I recovered from fainting from the price). As for the $300 - hey, I think I save almost $1000 in just insurance compared to another car, let alone payments, etc.

And now I can have fun again!


Joe said...

$300? I scoff at $300! I just put $1600 into my Reflex for the 12k service. Tires, coolant, hoses, tune up, drive belt, yep, quite a bit done on such a small bike. It seems to run better and my wife (who now rides it) is happy. Hell, Dave, its only money!

Dave Dixon said...


Ok, you win - but if you figure out the price per cc, I might have paid more??

Steve Williams said...

That sounds like a lot to me. I had the rear tire replaced on the GTS and it only cost the price of the tire and a 29.95 dollar fee for mounting, balancing, and tire disposal. Total was just a bit over 100 dollars.

Add an oil change, filter, and hub oil change and the cost would be about 230 dollars total.

Our hourly rate is $65 for the technician.


Dave Dixon said...

Steve It cost more here but maybe the previous difference in the Canadian dollar might account for most of the difference. Although both currencies are equal now (last time was when I was in high school!) it's taking a long time for prices to come down up here...

Conchscooter said...

I paid $500 for a rear tire and CVT belt installation in Miami. 500 loonies, even, seems too much.