Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Letter to Santa

Ho. Ho. Ho.  Merry Christmas.

Please, dear Santa, bring me a big bag of money to pay for all of my vehicle repair bills. That would be really nice so that my wife isn't bugging me about the great 'deal' I got on my GTS. It's a real sad story, St. Nick, but let me start a few days ago.

You know our VW Golf - the 2002 with 170, 000 kms on it - had to have some repairs a couple months ago because the engine light went on. Well, Santa, it cost a few hundred dollars, and so soon after the thousand we spent on the front end work but, hey, we thought it was OK because we've hardly had any work done on it since we bought it. It was a hit on the pocketbook, but we had a little while to build up the savings so we could rapidly deplete the money for Christmas. You know, presents, flying oldest daughter down from Prince George, more presents, dinners, yada yada yada. Oh yeah and buying my Vespa GTS.

Last week, old Red, as my blog readers know, I took in my new GTS for a checkup - and found that it was definitely not healthy - a real drag as it was the same red as your jolly coat. But more on that later.

Then, a few days ago, the engine light went on again in the VW. Back to the dealership, and, lo and behold, it was a whack o' money ($700) with more to come. Sort of like the gift that keeps giving, Santa, the VW will need the clutch plate replaced ($1400) as well as a new starter ($600) in the near future. But at least it will limp along until the near year, Santa, or at least I hope so.

Well, today, little St. Nick, I got a phone call from Will at Urban Wasp (my Christmas gift to Urban Wasp is that I now know the mechanic's name) who had both glad tidings and bad news about my beautiful GTS. The good news, old Red, is that he had correctly predicted the cause of the shiny layer on the oil shooter he had drained from the engine. It was the spragg clutch! Ok....

So there are a whole whack o' parts, Santa, that he has to order - all which will come quickly except for said spragg clutch. So now I'm looking at sometime in January before I can hop on my baby again.

Oh, old Red, the cost estimate is $1300! That's half the price I paid for my Vespa! Mind you that does include the repairs as well as the 20,000 km major service. Ho ho.

So, in closing, St. Nick, if you could chuck one of those big brown bags full of money down my chimney, that would be great. Actually, since I live in a condo, just toss it on the balcony. Failing that, maybe a nice bottle of scotch to drown my sorrows in would be a good alternative.

Oh, heck, Santa, what I really want is my VW to run well without having to sink a whole bunch more money in it and my Vespa GTS to be reliable and ready to tour, especially when the warmer weather comes. How about it, old Red, can you deliver? From one big guy to another?

Thanks and Merry Christmas

Ho, ho!


Unknown said...


A large brown bag I can handle, but I am not sure I fill it with what you are expecting.

When you are enjoying your GTS during the warm summer months, you will have a smile on your face, regardless of what it cost

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...


This really bites the proverbial biscuit! I know your pain in regards to VW's . The last time we went on vacay our van cost us $2k because of an issue with the clutch. The engine seal blew & leaked oil all over the clutch, so we had to replace it all. I have 2 vintage beetles and both have beetle flu & aren't running. So I feel your pain when it comes to expensive VW repairs. Sad about old Red.

len@RE-GLAZE-IT said...

HI dave you tell this painful story with humour and ease....i would be through plenty of scotch by fact i'm gona get a pitcher full right now.....reading your blog is always a pleasure!

hope all gets sorted soon !

i'm gona send a letter to the big boy for you!

good luck to you and your family,i hope santa delivers!

happy christmas.


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Baron's Life said...

I feel for you brother...VW cars are expensive to doubt...when they run, they run very well...but when they break down...well that's another story...Good luck on this one.

The Vespa...did you not get it checked out by a mechanic prior to purchasing it? know once the clutch is gone...unless the mechanic is very well versed at fixing this and knows his way inside out out around the Vespas are toast, because one mistake he makes in assembling the unit..will cause failure again...they are finicky things to assemble and to put together advice to you is get it fixed and get rid of it...I once had the clutch freeze on me on a Singapore Highway on my P150...the wheels just froze and the vespa started skidding..I was lucky to have been able to control the situation...but guess what...I got rid of it..(It was a clutch that had undergone repair. Time to move on with a different vehicle...I bet you that new or reconditioned clutch won't last the summer.

Wishing you all the best for the Festive Season...merry Christmas and a Happy new year

Dave Dixon said...

Bob - I truly look forward to riding this summer, or even next month, and all this chaos will be just a memory..

Dar - When VWs are running well, they are great - but when they are sick it is rather expensive - but happily not as expensive as fixing a Smart car!

Len - Thanks and happy Christmas to you, too!

Baron - Your response gave me a couple sleepless nights, but Will is the 'best Vespa mechanic in the city" and I've heard good things about him so I figure he knows what he's doing. Quite honestly, if I didn't think it was running right, I'd have a hard time selling it knowing that someone was getting a problem scoot. Not sure if that's what happened to me but I'd rather pass along some good karma when I sell my scoot!

Have a Merry Christmas.

David Masse said...

Hang in there Dave. Modern Vespas are pretty tough and with expert service will last a long time. In the end I bet you're going to love that bike for many years to come. The asian Vespas are often nightmare stories because very shoddy restoration work is done on them. It sounds like you are in very good hands. Happy new year!