Monday, 21 August 2017

"THE ride!" Going to the Sun Scooter Trip - Day 3 - Libby Montana to Lethbridge, Alberta

400 km
View from the Goring to the Sun Road
Around ten years ago, I went with five other guys on a cycling trip where we started in Fernie, BC, rode to Alberta, down to Montana, through Glacier National Park, and then back up to BC again, ending back in Fernie. It was a fantastic ride and I wanted to see it again, but this time on my scooter.

After having a fairly nice breakfast at the hotel, I checked out and headed on the road.
First stop was Bad Rock Canyon. I absolutely loved this sign because the language on it is like it was written in the times of the Old West.
The photo of the canyon was ok but not as exciting as the sign.

Finally, I reached my trip destination - THE road - the Going to the Sun Road! After paying my $25 entrance fee for Glacier National Park ($5 cheaper than a car - whoopee), I entered the West part of the park.  I took several photos of Lake MacDonald - and have included a few of them here.

Well, all that gorgeous scenery worked up an appetite! 

I stopped at Lake MacDonald Lodge and, after squeezing my scooter between a couple of Harleys, I went into the lodge. I remembered, on our cycling trip ten years ago, we stopped at the lodge (I forget the reason) and ended up talking to some of the young people that worked there - I believe that there is a dorm building beside the lodge where summer workers,  usually students from all over the US, stay while they work there. I think they have a lot of fun, if you know what I mean!

The restaurant was wonderfully 'lodgy" inside, my elk burger was very tasty, the beer I had was refreshing, and the service was, well, rather indifferent.  I was really surprised with the lack of enthusiasm and friendliness that I experienced in many of the places I stopped at this trip. It was a stark contrast to my previous trips to the US. Perhaps a result of the new government?
There was a bit of haze in the air for most of this leg of the trip but it wasn't bad and didn't really detract from the beautiful scenery of this ride. It was as pretty and as breathtaking as when I took this road ten years ago. I stopped several times, drove fairly slowly, and had only one problem - as I rode past an overlook, a van pulled out without warning right in front of me! I was wearing all of my gear so I know that I was visible. I did say a mild curse at the driver (nothing too nasty as there might have been kids in the car) but I was mostly relieved that I hadn't hit him. The ABS did engage, though. 

As from before, here are some of the nicest photos from the Going to the Sun Road:

Luckily, today was a bit of a shorter distance ride as I stopped so many times to take photos and appreciate the wonderful views. I made my way across the border back into Canada after a 25 minute wait and headed up to Lethbridge, Alberta.

I stayed at the Ramada and it was fantastic! The room was very spacious, clear and comfortable - and cheap! It was the best room of the trip and was the best price as well!

 I was tired after all my touring so I went to the local Subway, ordered a foot long sandwich, grabbed a couple of beers, and headed back to the hotel for,  you guessed it, some Netflix. I do have to say that the girl at Subway (I think her name was Sierra), was very friendly and enthusiastic - I expected this kind of welcome in the US but was happy to see it at home in Canada.

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