Saturday, 15 April 2017

Oil light drama!

I had a terrifying experience this week. After a disgusting winter where I have had little opportunity to ride because of below freezing temperatures or torrential rain pour, I took advantage of the sunshine and was riding around after school.

I was on my way home when I stopped at an intersection to wait for a red light.

I looked down at my cluster and noticed the dreaded CHECK OIL light was on!

Just two weeks before, I had had a service done at Vancouver BMW Ducati. I had had an oil change, two new tires, and lots of checks and adjustments (to the tune of $900!). It seemed shocking that I was down on oil.

Once I was home I went through the annoying procedure of checking the oil.... on the centre stand, take of a bunch of parts, flip up the side stand, and then check. It was PERFECTLY between min and max.

What the heck?

My research online showed me that this has happened to others. Some people have added a little more oil while others have just had the problem go away on its own.

I will continue to monitor the situation.....

By the way, if you are interested in wine, I have started a new blog. It's here! 


Dar said...

Dave did you call the BMW dealer? Sounds like a lot of mneyonly to have the oil light come on so close to their servicing.

Dave Dixon said...

I've though about it - right now I'll just monitor it to see how it goes. Haven't had a repeat since the first time.

David Masse said...

Dave it could be something as innocuous as indigestion, like an emission sensor tickled by something in the diet.

If the light resets and is not coming back on, and the engine temp is normal, just mention it to the dealer when you're in the neighbourhood.

Dave Dixon said...

Good advice, David - we will wait and see...