Monday, 13 June 2016

Harassment Ride - Glen Valley

Today's route

My friend, Dale, is harassing me.

No, not that kind of harassment!

Since he has bought his motorcycle, he texts me, sometimes several times a day, to go for a ride!

I DO enjoy riding with him, but I do have some semblance of a life outside of my scooter!

Anyway, we went on Sunday for two reasons; one, the rain had stopped and two, he broke down my resistance!

Due to time constraints, Dale couldn't go until 2:30pm and I had to be back by 5pm so we went for a very enjoyable but all too short ride.

First, out to Mission, stopping at Silverdale to fill up with cheap ($1.21 / litre for premium) gas. Then across the river to Abbotsford and then onto enjoyable country roads.

Luckily, Dale was leading because he had a much better idea of which direction the route was. I think the last time I had been on this route was part of a bicycling trip about ten years ago! Or maybe one of the rides on my Vespa LX50!

It is a great ride - not very much traffic - and the two thirds point was Glen Valley Regional Park. In fact, the area is referred to as Glen Valley.

Two fine two wheelers, parked in Glen Valley Park

We stopped there and had to actually take off our jackets as it was quite warm. We met a fella there that had a big 1300cc Yamaha bike and was testing out a magnetic tank bag. The thing looked almost a bit comical because it was so tall that it obscured the gauges when you are riding! The guy was testing it out because his wife and he were heading on a trip that started east to Saskatchewan, then south to Mt. Rushmore and then back to the west coast through the states. Quite the trip!

After our pleasant visit, we headed on back to Langley and then over the Golden Ears bridge and home. I was back for 5pm and parked my scoot, happy to have been harassed sufficiently to go for a ride!


Rachel said...

Looks like a great trip!

SonjaM said...

I used to ride this round trip often, some times on my bike but more often on my scooter. Thanks for the memories. I still miss the west coast.

David Masse said...

Nice little trip.

I am stuck in the house as my wife and I paint the banisters on a three story staircase. Not much fun.