Sunday, 2 August 2015

Cascade Loop Scooter Ride Day 2 - Part 1

After my tequila infused sleep, I woke, feeling a tad bit dry, at around 7am. After enjoying the room shower, once again,  I headed to breakfast, complimentary, in the hotel lobby.

Now, when I'm riding my bicycle on a trip or hiking, I have no problems chowing down on eggs, sausage, and the like. But I knew what I would be doing today and, while riding does require energy, it probably doesn't require 1500 calories (logical thinking, to be sure, but remember, I am still a big guy!). So, instead of going for the eggs, sausage, and waffles, I happily plunked two pieces of whole wheat bread in the toaster, grabbed a thing of peanut butter and a banana, and sat down with my coffee to read my iPad. 

After my brekky, I packed my stuff, started up the Beemer and headed on down the highway. 

First stop was this strange radar cluster. I'm sure it is rather a simple scientific research station but it's kinda cool to think it is a secret listening post for known aliens. 

My next stop was to fill the tank in Pateros. When I downloaded the Cascades Loop guide, Pateros had a whole page dedicated to the town. I was expecting some bigger town, something like Winthrop or even bigger. What I found was a gas stations, and a few other stores, on a road parallel to the highway. Maybe I missed the turnoff and this was just the outskirts. I certainly hope so as it was rather small.

Onto the highway - and it was another nice day, although a bit hotter than the previous one. It was such a satisfying ride because of the lack of traffic. And if I found myself behind a slow vehicle that I couldn't pass, There were plenty of interesting things to look at. 

Next stop was Wells Dam. I am fascinated with manmade structures contrasted against nature. If you haven't already guessed from my blog, painting is another one of my passions, and I really enjoy painting nature that has something manmade in it. Wells Dam did not disappoint - it seemed like a very large dam and I took many photos, a couple I have shared here. Perhaps a painting is in the future?

In the hydro electric producing part of a dam, giant turbines spin, connected to generator, which, in turn, creates electricity (any questions, class?). I've seen the turbines at a local dam but Wells Dam had a very cool outdoor display featuring a turbine that you could walk right up to. It's really, really BIG! 

Another heritage marker followed and, while I didn't take a photo, it was basically talking about cattle drives. There were cattle raised in this area of the Okanogan and, during the Cariboo gold rush, the cattle drive went all the way up to Baskerville, BC where gold was being found! That's around 500 miles or 800 kms! That's a long way and that was back in the 1860s!

My next stop was Wenatchee - a pleasant surprise! It's an actual city and it was nice to ride through streets with stop lights and traffic once again. After parking my BMW C600 Sport,  I wandered the downtown core. 

They have a program that encourages sculptures to display and sell their paintings on the main street. I've included some of my favourites but there were a lot more.

Then, on to the important stuff - a visit to the bathroom and a nice mug of latte! The coffee shop was nice but, more importantly they a) had shady tables outside and b) had free wifi. Heaven!

After Wenatchee was a short ride to Cashmere. Another nice little town, one of things Cashmere is famous for is its fruit candy - Aplets and Cotlets - sort of jellied apricots and other fruit (or maybe turkish delight) which is very soft, formed in rectangles like chocolate bars, sometimes includes nuts, and covered in icing sugar. There's a version in our Okanagan in BC but it's hard to come buy and quite expensive.  

I walked into the shop and there was a big display with three open boxes that you could help yourself to samples (and, oh, I did!). There were tours available (which I gave a miss) so I looked at what was for sale. I found the little bars on sale for 3 for $1.50! What? That's incredible! And a box of Fruit Delights - $2! I should have brought the car and loaded up! Unfortunately, I had little room and was worried about everything melting to the consistency of molasses so I left with a box, three bars, and a sugar buzz that kept me going for the next part - but more on that later!

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SonjaM said...

Dave, it is so much fun to follow you on your trip. Good stuff!

Although knowing of the impact that manmade structures have on the environment it is hard to ignore the the ingenuity of such a project. I love bridges by the way ;-)