Monday, 8 June 2009

My Baby's Hurtin'

The last time I went into Vancouver, I hit quite a bit of traffic on the way so it was a bit stop and go. That's fine, I thought.

But since that time, I've noticed that the Vespa is not performing as well. That is definitely not fine, especially as it is coming up to prime riding season.

When I accelerate from a standstill, the motor seems to pull or slip for a couple of seconds and then seems to almost click into place and accelerates smoothly. It doesn't happen at any other time, just when I am accelerating from a stop.

It seems a bit worse when either the Vespa or the weather is hot. Worse uphill, too.

I've reduced my riding but certainly haven't stopped. I don't think it is getting any worse and I rely on using it.

I have an appointment with Vespa Vancouver on the 20th. Hopefully it will continue to ride OK and not get any worse. Or anything major.


Andrew Forsyth said...

I am also having a slippage problem with mine from starts. I get a squeal and then it slaps in and goes. Also worse on the big hills.

My 'doctor' says it's just an adjustment and then it'll be fine and the hot weather is the culprit.

I hope yours goes as good.


Baron's Life said...

Hope it's nothing too serious...maybe just a belt slippage

Baron's Life said...

So did you get it fixed?

Dave Dixon said...

Hopefully, that's all it is - maybe you'll be luck like me!

Yes! It was nothing serious. I'm relieved...