Friday, 10 April 2009

Is Bigger Better?

I spent part of the morning doing research on Motorcycle Driving Schools. Why? Because I am still trying to decide whether to go to a bigger scooter or to stay with my 50ccs. I went so far as to take my learner's at the end of last summer but have not taken the skills test or any course yet.

The skills test was going to be a no-brainer because you used to be able to take a 50cc scoot for the test but now you need one that is over 50ccs. So I haven't taken the test yet.

Now I'm looking at a Motorcycle course that would give me my skills test and help prepare me for the license test.

There are several advantages to getting my motorcycle's license...
  • more speed - no more pulling over to the side or having cars line up behind me as I go up a hill
  • distance - I could go a lot farther - Seattle would just be a rest stop
  • passengers - right now my girls are just too damned big to safely go anywhere on a 50cc scoot - especially since I'm a big guy
  • motorcycle course - probably wouldn't hurt to improve my skills
  • durability - I'm not sure how long my LX50 will last as I twist-all-the-way-and-go most of the time

However (there's always a however) there's some definite cons...
  • expense - it will cost more to buy one - new, maybe $6500 taxes incl. for an LX150, over $8000 for a GTS - and I could probably only get about $3000 for my LX50 (with 11,000 clicks).
  • insurance - I pay less than $500 a year for insurance - it would cost over $1000 just to go to a 150.
  • more speed - I am a very conservative rider with my current scoot because I have no choice - if I had more power, I would probably not stay in the right lane all the time (I certainly don't with my car) and that would put me at risk
  • challenge - despite the hassles, I really do like facing the challenge of taking my little scooter all over the place - including long distances
  • motorcycle course - there's another $750 cost that I don't fell I need right now with my current scoot

So there it is - I am stuck trying to decide between being Big Guy Small Scooter to being Big Guy Medium Scooter. What to do, what to do.....


Baron's Life said...

wishing you and yours a Happy Easter

Heinz N Frenchie said...

We have the LX150 with 3 yrs warranty which was a promotion when we bought them. We love them and usually put around 100 miles a weekend, but we rarely go over 40mph as we travel local roads and stay off of highways and interstates. But we have some friends that own the Kymko brand and they like them a lot and paid a lot less than we did. They have good service on them too. You might want to check them out. Whatever you decide, enjoy your ride and stay safe. Happy Easter

Baron's Life said...

To be or not to be....It's a tough call..the pros and cons you list all make sense...I guess in the end it will very much depend on how you want to ride.

dave said...

If I told you that in Ohio the MSF basic course is just $25.00 would you scream? As a reentry rider a couple of years ago finding time was a bigger problem than the money - but it was worth way more than I payed. Take the course, it will make you a better equipped, safer rider.

Torch said...

Riding is riding. If finances allow it, by all means upgrade. If not, enjoy riding within your means. Happy Easter.

Ride on,

Dave Dixon said...

Thanks for all your comments...

You have a great Easter too...
I guess part of the problem for me is that sometimes I love the challenge of 50ccs and sometimes I just want to roar ahead of the traffic. If I have the money, I'd have a 50 and a a bigger scoot.

Heinz and Frenchie
Happy Easter as well.
I'm not sure that even with a GTS I'd be going on interstates or their Canadian equivalent. I do find that by taking a smaller scoot, I am always searching for the road less travelled which is probably a good thing...

Yes, I would scream!
The money is certainly a factor but, as you say, time is a factor too. I'd like to take a course with 200cc scooters but all the ones in the lower mainland (as far as I can tell) are on motorcycles or are 1 day 50cc course.

Happy Easter to you.
Good words. Maybe I'll just be satisfied with what I've got....

Bob said...

Dave, I will not say anything. The sad part is if you move up to something larger, you will now have to change your blog to "Big Guy, Big Scooter". I won't sell you anything, but we do have an open house on April 18th from 12-5pm for the release of the most powerful Vespa in production. The "300". Drop by, say hello to some of your fellow scooterists.

Andrew Forsyth said...

I'm doing the same contemplation....

The 70Km limit to the 50cc is a little annoying when the road I travel has a posted 70km. Add a couple of hills and you feel stressed from the cars behind etc.

I'm thinking the move up would be good as a little more power doesn't mean I have to change my morals on driving :) (here's hoping)

Same challenges, cost, school etc.

I'm on a Saga scooter and they have a 150 but I've started looking at the Honda Silverwing and Yamaha Majesty.

Le Sigh.

How bought Big Guy, Small World instead? heh.

Baron's Life said...

Hey Bobscoot is got a point...Can't wait till I see Big Guy Big ScooterJust got Junior a scooter

Bob said...

It wasn't Bobscoot, but I'm a Bob that sell scoots. Him and I know each other, and there is another Bob, but at least he goes by Robert.

Lance said...

I think if you can get a bigger scoot it's a worthwhile investment, since it really opens up where you can go. Even with the 150cc scooter that I have I am somewhat limited in range, but it's great for all the roads in town. Having said that, I love my 49cc mopeds for just tooling around the neighborhood!

bobskoot said...

My ears were ringing when I heard my name mentioned. It's really confusing, first there's BOB, who is really "lost in paradise", then there's Robert "The Reverend", who is NOT bob, then there's me, who used to be called Robert but I feel younger using the name BOB(skoot)
Having a larger scoot is about OPTIONS, and expanding your horizons. Often it is about being safe by "going with the flow" rather than causing a bottleneck with angry motorist on your tail, thus my reason for "upgrading" .
Last year I wrote about this very thing . . .

right now is an excellent time to buy, Bob (the salesman, aka: LostINparadise) has some excellent deals, while they last

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Dave Dixon said...

Whoa, lots of comments! Hmmm

Bob Hey, you know if I upgrade, I'll look at Vespa Vancouver first. I do drool often when I look at the bigger scoots in your showroom.

Andrew I know, it's not a real easy decision. Good luck with your options. I think even if I buy a bigger scoot, though, I'll probably keep the name the same - it's got a nice ring to it!

LanceI still wonder if I'm safer on a smaller scoot, though, especially when I hear of another motorcyclist losing a fight with a car.

bobskoot Thanks for clearing that up (I think). Sure, going with the flow is a good thing and I do hate when I have a line of cars behind me but if there's a couple of lanes, it is kind of relaxing to putt along in the right lane.

I haven't made up my mind for this one, that's for sure....