Saturday, 27 December 2008

Snow ('s No) Scootering

Well, as you can probably tell, it's been a white Christmas.

Those of you that aren't that familiar with Canada may think that the winter months bring several feet of snow for the duration once you cross the 49th parallel. Although that may be true in some parts of Canada, it certainly doesn't apply to the West Coast.

At least, not until this winter.

We've had loads of snow this month - over 60 cm (2 feet) and it stuck around for more than a week - usually in this neck of the woods, if it does snow, the rain washes everything away the next day. This has definitely turned out differently.

Needless to say, my scooter has been sitting in the garage, gathering dust, for the last month. I don't think I've had a longer down time where I haven't ridden. I haven't ridden my bicycle for a couple of weeks either - and that time was for shopping mall theft prevention for bike patrol.

Still, it's been a good Christmas - lots of time just kicking around at home which has been a very nice change. The dog, Guinness, has been enjoying himself although, unfortunately, he's discovered how to crack and eat from our bowl of holiday nuts.

Thanks to all the blog readers out there that have been checking in on my blog and leaving messages. Hope you all have a great New Year!

Looking forward to some scootering really soon....


Baron's Life said...

and a Very Happy New Year to you and Yours.
It's been a pleasure reading your blog in 2008....lokking forward to more of the same in 2009.
Keep them coming mate

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
I live in Vancouver and it's been a joy to read your blog. own a Vino 50cc and a Vespa GT200. I'm itching to ride and thought of taking my Vino out but.... nah.. have a great 2009!

Joe said...

Here's hoping that all of us who are grounded for the winter will be back on warm, pleasant roads soon. Happy New Year!

- Joe at Scootin' da Valley

Anonymous said...


We were looking around at Vespa blogs and came across yours. Didn't find a contact link so posting on your latest entry, sorry.

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Anonymous said...

I love reading all your blogs. It's actually what got me to purchase a Vespa. My Vespa has been sitting in my garage for the past several months. I finally got a Batter Tender Jr from Vancouver Vespa. Hope my baby still works come spring. I can't wait to ride again. Keep writing - I usually check for updates every few days (keeps the time going at work).


Dave Dixon said...

Thanks for the New Year's greeting - and for the encouragement!

A GT200? I'm extremely jealous!

Happy New Year to you, too!

Haven't heard of your site before. Looks like some pretty nice stuff with good prices. But do ship to Canada ... for free?

That's quite the complement! Hope you enjoy yours - but don't let it sit in the garage - ride it!