Saturday, 26 July 2008

Seattle Bound

Couple of things for today's blog.

First, the comments on my last entry were very engaging for me to read. As I tell my kids at school, I don't care if you agree with me, just make sure you tell me why. I appreciate the time people take to comment - I know that I read a lot of different blogs but I'm terrible at taking the time to comment. Many thanks.

Second, a reader made a comment today on a blog entry from over a year ago (A Recovered Stolen Car and a Ride in Pitt Polder). His comment was this:
Alex said...

Sounds like you're really taking that thing wherever it can go.
By the way, I've been bouncing an idea of taking my Vespa ( Now a 70cc due to an upgrade) across the rockies... Anyone have a suggestion as to the fastest route across, starting from Vancouver....That obviously wouldn't get me run over by an 18 wheeler?
...Ultimately, I'm considering getting across Canada
on my Vespa. But first things first.

I replied:

I think a ride across the Rockies is great - I would suggest using Google maps and check the "Avoid Highways" box.

I'd like to go across Canada too but not this summer....

I'm also interested to see if anyone out there in the blogosphere has a route from Vancouver to the Rockies?

Finally, it looks like I'll be heading for Seattle on Monday. I have a long lost University buddy that I'll meet up with there, I've planned out a route on Google Maps, and the weather looks like it will be OK. I have to say, I'm getting excited! More info to come soon!


Mike in Hong Kong said...

Can you say something about safety on a scooter?

My wife goes ballistic any time I suggest getting a scooter.

I have to admit I am a bit nervous myself.

Having said that, how much does a scooter cost in B.C.?

Dave Dixon said...

Safety on a scooter? Well, you have to be more cautious than in a car - there is the fact that you don't have a seat belt, air bags, etc. Having a small engine is good in my case as I am very predictable, almost always stay in the right lane, and don't get going faster than I can manage. Riding a bicycle for years has really helped me in being more cautious.

A scooter can cost anywhere from $2000 for a used one to $3500 for a new Taiwanese model to $5500 for a Vespa. I bought my Vespa used with 75 km and 2 months old for $4000. Deals can be found on places like Craigslist.

Conchscooter said...

I can't imagine not having a scooter in Hong Kong. The scooter is only as safe as the rider is aware. The big difference riding is that you have to be awake and alert, which may or may not strain you.If you are afraid you may either be properly alert or too caught up in your fear to make a successful rider.An unsuccessful rider is what your wife is worried about.