Sunday, 5 August 2007

Saturna Island

As promised, I’ve included a whole raft of photos from our recent trip to Saturna Island.

Saturna Island is one of the Gulf Islands that are between the Lower Mainland (where Vancouver is) and Vancouver Island (a large island with several cities including a favourite tourist destination, Victoria). The islands continue into the US but are called the San Juan Islands in the States.

I have been to several of the other Gulf Islands, but not to Saturna before. Our company from Scotland invited us to stay with them as they had booked a house for a week.

The house we stayed at (the water-colour was done by our friend Cindy) was very nice - and lots of room for eight people. It is called Pacific Paradise and was only a few minutes walk to the beach.

One of the wonderful things about Saturna was the wildlife. There was a flock of wild turkeys on the road on the few occasions that we used the car.

The sundeck out the back of the house was a great place to relax, have a drink, read, and look at wildlife. There were deer coming through regularly - sometimes up to five at a time, nibbling on the grass. They were not nearly as skittish as most of the deer I have seen.

I spent the early mornings walking down to the cliffs near the house and casting my line.

There were some holes in the rocks that caught several of my lures but I did manage to catch a couple of red snappers and hooked into a couple of monsters that I wasn’t able to land. The snappers were a bit small so I chucked them back into the sea to grow a little more.

I have no photos of this but the best part of fishing was when I had reeled in on the last day. As I was collecting my tackle, a pod of orcas swam by, not 10 metres from the cliff I was standing on. Amazing!

On one of the days, we hiked up Brown Ridge which is right on the top of the island. The views were breathtaking.

The trail was actually a mountain goat path so it was definitely single file!

After our hike, we went to the Saturna Winery. They had some nice wines with their pinot noir being the one that is available in liquor stores.

We also discovered a great rosé and a super light red that are both perfect for sipping while the barbecue is on.

There was some nice views from the outdoor patio where we were eating. While we were leaving, the kids managed to find a big flat rock to launch themselves onto.

During the last day we were on the island, we spent a few hours at the beach.

The water was, well, bracing, but there were only fifteen or so other people there. We also went over to where the cliffs were to find some more orcas. While we didn’t see any, there were some otters and seals that were very entertaining.

Alas, our trip was over that afternoon as we headed out and caught the ferry back to the mainland. As the island receded from view, I thought, this would be a great place to take my Vespa!


Conchscooter said...

Which begs the question...why not? Do we not desrve a return visit to such a place?

Dave Dixon said...


My sentiments exactly! I will definitely have to take my scooter back there.

CodyandMichelle said...

Love shot number 11 and the one with the footprint. Isn't it great when a photo comes together!
Dave, go to my blog and vote for your favorite photos...thanks.

Dave Dixon said...

Done and done! You took some fantastic photos and the hardest thing was choosing just three for each set. I encourage everyone reading these comments to head over to Cody and Michelle's blog.

Thanks for your positive comments on the photos. The footprint was actually taken by my eldest daughter, Caitlin. She is thrilled that you noticed!

CodyandMichelle said...

Thanks for voting and your comments. Our daughter took a couple of the pics that are on the best of that I just posted. She's got a good eye for photography just like Caitlin:)

Avrom said...

Dave, Nice Pics and write up !! I'm a Saturna islander, and am building a large Saturna site, and wanted to know if I could use some of your pics with credit. I'll also be providing an online photo gallery that can be updated as well...

Dave Dixon said...

Feel free to use any photos as long as you credit them. I will send an email to your website as well.
Thanks for asking!