Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Reaction Time

Time to start blogging again.

Report cards are done, school’s almost over, and summer holidays are just around the corner.

When I first bought my Vespa, there was a big range of reactions.

One was along the lines of “You look like more of a Harley rider,” which may allude to my size. My response is that I have always loved the look of the Vespa - and it takes me back to those backpacking days in Europe over 25 years ago. Harleys, I am sure, are well built machines but, having a retired cop for a father, I always associated Harleys with Hells Angels and organized crime. Mind you, there’s a link between Vespas and Mods and rioting on beach towns in Britain but that all seems rather cool in a way and very distant.

Another reaction is, “Why would you bother? You’ve got a car where you don’t have to worry about weather.” I guess I’m turning greener as I get older. Cars are great, don’t get me wrong, and I do drive my Mazda a few times a week, but the Vespa is great on gas - much better than a car - and because it has a four stroke engine, I feel pretty good about the amount of pollution it creates. Also, with my eldest daughter driving now, I find myself without an option for a car most days as she drives her sister and a friend to high school every day.

Friends that know me say, “But what about riding your bike?” They have a point. I love riding my bike but I have to get up about 20 minutes earlier to do so. Those 20 minutes are nearly impossible to manage lately. I only ride my bike about once a week where last year it was closer to three times a week. The other factor is the Vespa is just so much fun to ride! I hope to work on this area next year.

Then there was the, “What are you doing on a scooter with such a small motor?” reaction. As I’ve previously mentioned, I don’t need a motorcycle license with this scooter. The hassle of getting a learner’s license, taking a couple of tests, etc., etc. are just too much of a bother right now. Also, I like the challenges that go along with riding a small motored scooter in an urban and suburban area.

Finally, there’s the, “Those things aren’t safe,” reaction. My father-in-law, another retired cop, is quite vocal about all the horrible things that happen to motorcyclists when they crash. I know that falling off my scoot at 50 km/h is very scary and could seriously injure me but I still feel that I’m a lot safer than being on a 650 motorcycle and not a lot worse off than being on my bicycle.

So, what are the pictures of the two scooters for? Well, one colleagues reaction was to buy her own scooter! The two are parked just outside the staffroom of my school. It’s an electric scooter and she just loves it.

Now, that’s the kind of reaction I like!


CodyandMichelle said...

Go green!! Lead and people will follow....one scooter at a time :)

Dave Dixon said...


Thanks! I do my best!

kuni said...

What a nice story...

As for myself, my wife got a german moped. She had never been interested to any motorcycles before our marriage.

Well, that's the kind of reaction I like, too.

delrond said...

heh im currently riding a push bike at the moment and can't wait till my vespa is road worthy! Great blog!

I have finally got round to starting my own blog and would love any feedback you could give http://modvespa.com


Dave Dixon said...

That's a good reaction. Unfortunately, my wife is not very interested in riding a scooter.

Shigata ga nai!

good luck in getting your vintage up and running.

I think your blog is great - got you on my links list now. I'm really enjoying your commentary on Mod culture as well.

Blogging is great fun- a bit addictive, but very enjoyable.

Welcome to the blogosphere!