Sunday, 13 May 2007

A Recovered Stolen Car and a Ride in Pitt Polder

Saturday morning started out with a wonderful sunny day on Bike Patrol. It was a successful one, too, as we recovered a stolen car. It was a Subaru, later model, with no obvious signs of entry - we were just blitzing side streets in the downtown area of Maple Ridge. It was a good feeling to get someone’s car back to them and a good way to start off the day. The photo above, by the way, was taken about fifteen minutes before actually finding the stolen car as a shot for the Bike Patrol website. Unfortunately, the battery died after this photo!

After returning home, I took the Vespa into Port Coquitlam, near Maple Ridge, to buy a part to fix my electric guitar. On the way home, I took a different route and ended up going into Pitt Polder, an area of dyked land in both Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge. It’s a very nice area with lots of farmland, framed by the mountains in the distance. The photos, unfortunately, were a bit hazy due to weather conditions. This area is in the local news lately because of the potential for floods. There is a lot of snow on the mountains - way above average - and as the weather warms, the risk increases.

As I was riding down the road and looking at the scenery - looking with a different eye, as I am trying to be a better photographer - I was struck by how the mountains and the snow on the peaks reminded me of riding my bicycle in the Rockies. Maybe I should go on a really long road trip this summer!

I went north until I reached Grant Narrows Regional Park. This is on a body of water called Pitt Lake. On a sunny day, there are many boaters who launch from the dock. There is also a bird sanctuary, picnic tables, and a concession stand that opens in the summer.

I usually take my class on a bike ride there in June. It is a fairly long ride for Grade Sixes (35 km round trip) but it’s flat and often a nice day for a ride. It’s a very busy field trip - it takes a couple hours to get there, we walk into the bird sanctuary, return to the riverbank and have lunch, and then hop back on the bikes and head back. There’s a real sense of accomplishment for the students that finish the trip. I’ve saved the map in Google Maps.

After a short rest to take in the scenery, it was back home for dinner, some marking, and a celebratory glass of wine.


Steve Williams said...

Wow, it appears as if you have departed for wilderness parts unknown. Beautiful area.

You are really starting to push the LX50. Have you started to fantasize about larger scooters?

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Anonymous said...

How is it possible to take on thse long straights at 32mph/50kmh? Tranquil reflection, yes, but.... and a longer trip?

CodyandMichelle said...

Always nice to see photos of your neck of the woods...visually stunning!
Good on ya and the bike patrol, congrats!
ps how is the new dog working out?

Combatscoot said...

I dunno, some folks don't need larger size... I got the chance to play with one of those 50cc Aprilia sport bikes one time- had a ball! I'm still thinking of downsizing, but I need better credit or better earning potential.
I've been wondering about the new dog, too.

Dave Dixon said...

Although I sometimes want to go faster, or farther, I think I'll stick with the LX50 - I think I heard someone in a podcast recently say how whenever you get a bigger scoot, you end up going faster just because you can. I'm quite happy plugging along - at least for now.

I guess I just have to take my time - even on a longer trip. :-)

Thanks again for the compliments on the photos - I do try...

Guinness is doing very well - he's already lost 3 or 4 pounds and is getting up more energy for longer walks. He is a real sweetie - gets along great with all the family - but still is a good guard dog as he has a great deep bark when the doorbell rings. He won't go outside, though, unless it's for a walk - a real house dog.

I am very happy with 50ccs. Unlike a lot of other bloggers, I haven't been riding very long - I find that riding a 50cc scoot is not so different from riding a bike - but a 150 or more might be just a bit more power than want.
Dog is great (as I've related to Cody). My misgivings about getting another dog so soon after Coco died have all but vanished.

Michael said...

Wow Dave,

These snaps are really beautiful - Just what I think of when I picture Canada!

I also like your "Steve Williams" with the scoot in the foreground and the mountains in the back - very photogenic, your scoot!


Dave Dixon said...

Thanks! I have always admired Steve's photos and I enjoy doing my own version of them!

Alex said...

Sounds like you're really taking that thing wherever it can go.
By the way, I've been bouncing an idea of taking my Vespa ( Now a 70cc due to an upgrade) across the rockies... Anyone have a suggestion as to the fastest route across, starting from Vancouver....That obviously wouldn't get me run over by an 18 wheeler?
...Ultimately, I'm considering getting across Canada
on my Vespa. But first things first/

Dave Dixon said...


Whoa - your comment is from this post which is a long time ago! Glad you are enjoying it.

I think a ride across the Rockies is great - I would suggest using Google maps and check the "Avoid Highways" box.

I'd like to go across Canada too but not this summer....