Wednesday, 18 April 2007

No talking, just surfing

Spent the last two days home with no voice. I’ve had a pretty relaxing break as I haven’t felt sick, just a little tired, but it’s pointless for me to try to teach a class of 30 Grade 6 students if I can’t talk so that's why I've been home.

I spent the days at home, did some marking, etc., but also had time to play around on the computer. After the nice comment I received on my tortilla ad in the last entry, I decided to try something else, this time with a picture of a Vespa. I got this technique from Photoshop TV, one of the podcasts I regularly watch. I really enjoy using Photoshop to create photographic art - I just wish I was a better photographer.

The other thing I did was look around YouTube for a while. There were lots of interesting scooter videos, but the one I liked most was this one. It briefly tells about a charity ride based from an Army Base in Germany. I believe it is an actual news story as it looks and sounds quite professional.

I hope to ride this weekend as the weather is pretty nice and my voice has returned. I will be at a teacher conference for most of the weekend but I know that I will feel better if I can get out - even if it’s only for a short time.


Michael said...


Another stunning photoshop job! Thanks for the video too - some of my non-scooter friends (who I'm trying to persuade into scootering) are going to love this!


Dave Dixon said...

Thanks for the kudos! I love playing with Photoshop!