Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Scooters are becoming more popular

So, Spring Break is over - and I’m back to school.

Of course, the relentless rains of Spring Break are now over and every day I am at school, the sun beats down on the playground.

On the bright side, I have been able to take either by bicycle or my Vespa to school every day. The only thing is, what with marking, planning for the new term, etc., I haven’t had much time for just riding.

One thing I did find, though, was this article in the Province Newspaper (from Vancouver).

It is basically telling what most scooter riders already know - scooters are becoming more and more popular. Comparing a 50cc scoot (like mine) to a motorcycle, the author acknowledged that there is a bigger thrill to a big motorcycle but that a Vespa scooter is, well, fun! And no temptation to race (no kidding!).

In Canada, there has been an almost 30 percent increase in the sales of scooters in each of the last three years - that’s a lot of scooters.

Bob from Vespa Vancouver is quoted in the article - and I must say once again that even though I didn’t buy my scooter there, he is a very personable and friendly guy - it is certainly a different feeling talking to Bob about scooters and being invited to take one for a nice long ride compared to the swarming of suited, slick salesmen that often accompanies looking at new cars.

What surprised me is that 50cc scooters are 80 percent of the market. I don’t feel so lonely anymore!

Just for interest’s sake, if you are a 50cc scooter rider, or know someone who is, please leave me a comment. Of course, all comments are read, appreciated and, hopefully, responded to...


Matt said...

I ride a 50cc Vespa LX.

Hi there. :)

Dave Dixon said...

Hi Matt
Well, at least there's two of us!

Orin said...

Dave, what I find most interesting is in Seattle at least, the 50cc scoots will be the ones with people riding two-up. Unfortunately, that also includes Metropolitans and Vino Classics, which are designed for solo riders.

Dave Dixon said...

You can ride two on a 50cc scooter if there's a proper 2-person seat - at least that's what they told me at Vespa Vancouver and I think I confirmed that somewhere else. It's a bit scary, though, riding 2 on the Metropolitans (called a Jazz in Canada) or a Vino as they are quite small...

jstream said...

Also riding an LX50 - 1500 miles since last Sept. Mostly commuting, but some rides with the local scooter clubs, and a bunch of long solo rides. Now if we could just get some fun, cool parts and accessories!

Dave Dixon said...

I've mostly used my LX50 for commuting and solo rides. Not sure if I'd enjoy group scooter rides - don't want to be the last one!

There are a few accessories such as flyscreens, chrome, etc. - I did get rear crashbars put on for the coolness factor. Also just bought a coffee holder!

Bunny said...

I am looking to buy a scooter, but don't have experience or a big budget, any suggestions?

Also, do people ride their scooter in the rain too?


Dave Dixon said...

I don't think experience is really a big deal, especially if you get a smaller CC bike - like 50 ccs. Budget? You can pay anything for $2000 - $5000 for a new smaller cc scoot - it depends on style, reliability and such. I bought my Vespa for $4000 nearly new because Vespa has a good name and I like how it looks. I did look at a PGO for about $2500 but it was too cheap looking for me.

And, yes, I ride in the rain - but you gotta have decent rain gear!